About me:


my Credo: Space2Bag size changing and electricity producing features are unique and incomparable and it can reform traveling customs. (Robert Arato)


My wife and I have been together for over 25 years. We have two happy children. A girl, Bianca, and a boy, Victor.
I have more qualifications. I got my first diploma of Agriculture and Engineering in the previous century:).
I have been dealing with instruments, instrument cases and production of loudspeakers for more than 15 years.
Now, I as a practical economist, I am an independent financial planner, selecting among financial institutes and suggest different financial solutions to our clients.
I also work as a financial presenter a lot.


In connection with this, I created a three stage financial simulator system.

1, Break the Piggybank

2, Teenvestors

3, Asset Hunters/ Three stage EconomiXimulators.
Here children from six and adults can get to know the financial rules and business life in a play.
My hobby is stage music, I have played the guitar and sung for 30 years. Since then nobody told me to stop doing it.
I have a special attraction to complex and effective practical devices. I think no one can pack better than a musician to use the space in the most efficient way. I love when  gadgets around us really help their users reliably and serve the functions they are intended for..
That was the main stream to me when I started planning my Space2Bag suitcase which can change size and has High Tech electronics.

I am curious how many people will love it as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]